Sintered plate dust collector-application in the mining industry

Regarding the application of sintered plate dust collectors in the mining industry, the scope is actually somewhat wide, so the editor will tell you about it.
Sintered plate dust collector, also known as sintered plate filter, plastic sintered plate dust collector, is a dust collector with gas filtration as its working principle. The filter element used is a sintered plate filter element.
The working principle and basic structure of the sintered plate filter are similar to the bag filter, but because the filter element is made of special sintered plate material, it is different from the traditional filter made of fiber filter material (for example, the bag filter). Compared with filter, flat bag dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, etc.), it has many unique advantages. The specific principle is that the dust-containing airflow enters the dust chamber of the middle box through the deflector at the dust gas inlet, and the gas purified by the sintering plate is discharged by the fan. As the dust on the surface coating of the sintered plate increases, the dust removal control system of the timing or constant differential pressure mode will automatically open the quick-open pulse valve, and the dust on the surface of the sintered plate can be effectively removed by compressed air. The sprayed dust is discharged after falling into the ash hopper under the action of gravity.
So what exactly is the application of sintered plate dust collector-mining industry?

Mining; gold mining
Industry users: mining: gold mining, a larger gold mine in the Asia-Pacific subordinate to a gold group, crushing, screening and transferring dust removal of gold ore, installed air volume of sintered plate dust collector 900,000 m³/h;
User pain points: In winter, due to the high emission concentration of traditional dust collectors, indoor emissions cannot be achieved, resulting in a large amount of warm air in the workshop being discharged outside, serious energy waste, and equipment and production personnel unable to work normally;
Solution: The sintered plate dust collector is compact in size and arranged nearby indoors, which eliminates the risk of condensation, reduces the length of the pipeline, reduces energy consumption, and effectively ensures the stable and effective operation of the dust collector and the dust removal system. When the heating season is switched to indoor emissions, the energy saved within two years can be recovered for equipment investment;

Mining; Limestone Mine
Industry users: Mining industry: a limestone mine, limestone ore crushing processing and transfer dust removal, sintered plate dust collector installed air volume 1.05 million m³/h
User pain points: The discharge of traditional filter media (filter cartridges or filter bags) cannot meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, especially the dust after ore crushing is highly abrasive, which can be damaged and replaced within a few months; filter bags are frequently replaced Leading to a large number of production shutdowns and high procurement costs, making users unacceptable;
Solution: After adopting the sintered plate dust collector, the emission is less than 1mg/Nm³, and the equipment volume is reduced by half; since it was put into use in 2011, it has been praised by users; and it has continued to obtain business for later expansion projects.
As for the application of sintered plate dust collector-mining industry, the editor will first introduce you so much. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Post time: Nov-07-2020