Sinter Plate Dust Collector Helps The Development of Battery Industry

Our company, together with partner FEC, attended in the “China Power Battery Cathode Material Industry Chain Conference” held in Chengdu from June 9 to 11, to help the development of the battery industry.


The sinter plate dust collector has the advantages of high dust collection efficiency, compact volume, convenient maintenance, long service life and high concentration dust. Its performance is far better than that of bag filter and metal filter. Sinter plate dust collector and sinter plate filter element can be perfectly applied in the production process of battery raw materials such as uploading, mixing, crushing, screening and packaging.


Main features:


1) High efficiency, stability and long service life;

2) The filtration efficiency is 99.999%;

3) The filtration accuracy is 0.1 μ m

4) No pollution to powder products;

5) Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance

6) Ideal alternative to bag filter, stainless steel filter and titanium rod filter

sinter plate

Post time: Jun-28-2021